About us

Solano principles


Solano will continue to grow by being the best at solving our customers maintenance, repair and supply needs. To accomplish this we will surpass customer expectations, create long-term customer relationships and be market-driven and innovative. We believe it is our ability to listen to our customers and prospective customer needs combined with our technical, manufacturing and logistical resources which sets us apart from our ompetitors be they multinationals or small independent companies.



Each person will be empowered and encouraged to promote changes, to achieve the company goals. Every associate will pursue this vision of growth while recognizing that a competitive cost structure and profitability are essential to success.


Business field


Solano and its subsidiaries market an extensive line of maintenance, repair and supply products to customers in Eastern Europe. Solano products include welding electrodes, welding materials, oils, greases, chemical specialties, cleaners and maintenance products. These products are sold and serviced primarily through the Solano sales forces.


Solano has prospered on the principle that the Company exists because of its products quality and sales people. Solano products standard quality is comparable to European specifications. Each person in sales is a vitally important individual in the corporate family. As a group, the sales team has the ultimate responsibility for the future success of Solano.

We care about our customers by anticipating and meeting their needs. We will provide quality products and services that deliver value. We will strive for high customer retention and satisfaction.





It is our policy to conduct the Company's affairs in compliance with the law and in accordance with correct ethical standards. Our aim is to create an environment that fosters continuous improvement, creativity, productivity and personal satisfaction. We will use common sense, flexibility and initiative to meet objectives.


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