Racing Sport Ester 10W-50

Fully synthetic multigrade engine oil

Technical description

Special oil for use by car race, even under the heaviest loads. Its high viscosity index, its good shear stability and a highly effective special additive RAVENOL RSE SAE 10W50 is suitable for extremely sporty driving style.


RAVENOL RSE SAE 10W50 offers:

  • a fully synthetic all-season motor oil
  • Maximum engine performance under extreme driving conditions
  • Continuously high oil pressure
  • High oil film stability, which protects the engine against wear
  • An optimum rust and corrosion protection
  • A very low volatility
  • Reduction of environmental impact
  • Catalyst suitability
  • Prevents black sludge formation
  • Protection against cold sludge
  • Fuel efficiency by reducing friction losses
  • An excellent viscosity-temperature behavior


Internal combustion engines


High load resistant
High speed resistant
Long-term effects