Silikon Spray

Food grade silicone oil

Technical description

Silicone Oil Care Release and Lubricant Agent


Most popular our silicone oil for food and medicine production devices, because product is high quality and clean. This Silikon Spray is NSF certified. A release and lubrication agent for rubber, plastics and many types of resins. Used also as a release agent in plastics and rubber industry as well as for welding and for maintenance and lubrication of plastic and rubber parts. When sprayed or brushed on surfaces, it leaves a thin, oil-like silicone film that has excellent releasing and lubrication properties without having any solvent or swelling effect on the products. Properties * high temperature resistance * chemically inert * water refusing * NSF certified as for food contact * food grade - all components conform to USDA H1 or FDA regulations for Lubricants in incidental food contact * no resin forming * excellent dielectric properties * good penetrative properties Applications * for heavy dutied slide surfaces at textile, packing, and plastics machineries * as sealing material * as release agent in metal casting, die casting, forging, pressing * as release agent for moulds * as release agent in welding * as release agent for plastic and rubber molds, foams, and latex * as sliding agent to plastics, in printing or textile industry * as sliding agent for fibres, for increasing sliding properties of sew fibres, reduces danger of wresting * as lubricant for rubber, latex, and plastics Specifications USDA H1


Seals, O-rings
Sliding guides


Compatible with plastics
Long-term effects
Permitted contact with food
Resistant to precipitation