Silo D

Silicone Fluid (Oil)

Technical description

Silicone based fluid with unique properties because it is not a petroleum or organic chemistry


Most popular our silicone oil for food and medicine production devices, because product is high quality and clean. Silo D 350 is NSF certified. A release and lubrication agent for rubber, plastics and many types of resins. Used also for chains and bearings in food industries. Silicone based fluid with unique properties because it is not a petroleum or organic chemistry. Products like this are the first, and still only, major class of polymers which are a product of inorganic chemistry. It has a remarkable diversity of uses - from brake fluids over lubrication to electronics. It makes excellent, safe, low- volatility heat transfer media, mould releases for rubber, plastic and glass parts, lubrication for most non-metal to metal contact and similar. It is found in hydraulic systems, inertial guidance systems, delicate timing and photographic devices, and as dielectric fluids in electronic components, such as capacitors and transformers. Also suitable for polish and other high-gloss water-repellent coatings, antifoams, grease and oil formulations (when mixed with thickeners, such as silica and bentonite). High performance greases can be produced by compounding the silicone fluid with extreme pressure additives, such as polytetrafluoroethylene or molybdenum disulphide. Properties * exceptional lubricating and separating properties * water refusing * chemically inert to most materials like plastic and rubber * high viscosity index * non toxic * wide temperature range * Longer service life due to high thermal stability * good oxidation resistance * relative good compatible with many usually used sealants * high flash point * food grade - all components conform to USDA H1 or the FDA regulations for Lubricants in incidental food contact * harmless * low surface tension * very good dielectric behaviour * low steam pressure * neutral to metal surfaces * compatible with many seals and plastics * tasteless * high compressibility * odor less Applications * for assembly of O-rings * for heat transmission * as additive to care products, washing fluids, plastic cleaners * as separating agent in welding * as release agent for plastic and rubber molds, foams, and latex * as sliding agent to plastics, in printing or textile industry * as sliding agent for fibres, for increasing sliding properties of sew fibres, reduces danger of wresting * as release agent for moulded rubber parts, urethanes, glues, cellulose and derivatives, vinyl's and compounds * as heat transfer fluid * for sealing of connections in presence of solvents or their vapors * as a lubricant for mixers and conveyors * as lubricant for rubber, latex, and plastics * as water repellent agent for shoes, gloves or the roof of convertibles * incorporated as additives into plastics and rubbers as process and release aids


Agricultural machinery
Brake mechanisms
Pipe fittings
Prevents adhesion of splashes
Seals, O-rings
Sliding guides


Compatible with plastics
Electronics, Electrical Engineering
Long-term effects
Permitted contact with food