Velour Reiniger

RAVENOL Velour-Reiniger is a phosphate-free care-product for seat covers, floor mats, interior trims and all plastic surfaces in the car.

Technical description

Easy handling and effective cleaning of the seats and fittings. Removes grease stains, traces of nicotine and food scraps completely and thereby eliminate unpleasant odors. Surfaces are not attacked.


By using RAVENOL Velour-Reiniger following should be regard: 1. Test on an inconspicuous area of seat cover the color fastness and material compatibility. 2. Spray RAVENOL Velour-Reiniger onto a damp cloth and rub it lightly over the surface without rubbing or spray very fine from a distance of about 50 cm on the cushion respectively seat covers, but always work from the bottom up to avoid streaks because of the different residence time. For materials: always clean stains from the outside in. 3. Rub with a damp cloth without rubbing over the surface to remove RAVENOL Velour-Reiniger. Never spray RAVENOL Velour-Reiniger very powerfull and don´t let it dry!


Dusty environment
Textile industry


Compatible with plastics
Long-term effects