Kontakt 1040 Ag

40% silver brazing rod

Technical description

Flux coated 40% Silver and Tin (Sn) brazing alloy without Cadmium. A general purpose universal Silver brazing rod flux coated for copper, stainless steel, nickel, tools and tungsten alloys



It is recomended for similar and disimilar welds. Very good brazing properties and tensile strength quality. Also offers a good corrosion resistance is non toxic enabling properties, can be used for food, medical, sanitary and pharmacetual equipment (dairies, breweries, bottling lines, hospitals, milk and bread producers). This alloy needs a control of quench to avoid the weaking of brazing joint. Medium fluidity provedes it suitable in closely fitting joints. It has good capillarity and filet forming properties. Lap joints are recomended, however, butt joints can be used where conditions are less demanding.

Melting range: 650º - 710ºC.


EN ISO 17672 Ag 140

DIN 8513 L-Ag 40Sn

AWS A5.8 Bag-28

Sizes: 2x500mm

Cu Ag Sn Zn
30 40 2 28




Permitted contact with food
Resistant to chemicals